For Sellers



Our promise when selling your home with Dream Home Mortgage & Realty:

Many homeowners have lost their jobs or are facing other financial difficulties. As the prices are dropping and equity wiped paying a real estate agent 6% is not justified.  We understand that situation and want to offer you an advantage.
If you decide to list or Sell your home with Dream Home Mortgage we only charge 2.5% compared to the market norm of 3%.

Many sellers are having difficulty paying for such high commissions due to the economic crisis so Dream Home Team has come up with a perfect plan for today’s current economy.

We offer:

  • Free Analysis of the Property Value with Comps
  • List your property in MLS and other real estate website
  • Prequalify the buyers in minutes to avoid waste of time
  • Use marketing tactics to sell your home fast
  • Re-analysis after 90 days why the property is not selling or let the sellers know the updated value with Comps.
  • List Your Property for only $1000….. Now that’s thousands of savings